Bodies Race Company Milestones

You Did It!

 Bodies Race Company is all about Fun. Family. Fitness. For many in our running community, that means making it to the start line or through the finish line. For some of our participants it’s a little bit more. We’ve outlined two milestone tracks to recognize our loyal participants. First up is our “Event Club,” including participants that have done 25, 50 or 100+ Bodies Race Company events. Next is our “Mileage Club,” for participants that have completed 100, 250 or 500 miles in qualifying Bodies Race Company events.

 Meet Milestones to earn rewards! Once you’ve reached your Milestone, we’ll send you an email with the exclusive goodies we’re sending you for free!

Want to check your progress toward mileage Milestones? Here’s how! If you think you’ve reached 100 miles, email us to be listed!

Last updated: May, 2020

Next update: September, 2020