Throw a rock in a pond and watch the ripples spread. Brad threw a rock and the “family ripples” have expanded.

Bodies Race is about family. We started when Brad and Jen started a personal training business in their garage. That business grew and soon moved to a bigger facility in Lee Summit Missouri. Family became the little ones Brad and Jen birthed and the gym members and team. Brad decided to get the folks outside for a few runs and the rest is history.

The 5K,10K run/walks have grown into almost a monthly race. The family has grown from two to thousands! Husbands and wives run our races. Father’s and sons, mothers and daughters, grandpa and grandson….everybody has a good time and anybody that runs a Bodies Race event finishes as family.

Volunteers are family too! If you can’t run you can still come out and help. It’s fun handing everyone who comes across the line a finisher’s medal! Activities have grown from basic running across the finish line to face painting, costume contest, kids dash and more. Its all about the family. Getting outside and having a good time.

The ripples continue and are now going nationwide. Bodies Race is opening franchises. Family, fitness and fun will hopefully be available in all 50 states. Interested in becoming a franchisee or know someone who would be perfect for the job? Contact us for more information.