Be an Ambassador

Take part in our nationwide movement.

Join us on our Mission

Bodies Race Company is family focused and community driven, expanding into cities nationwide to make Fun. Family. Fitness. available for everyone. With locations around the nation, we’re looking for ambassadors in nearly all of them! 


  • Every ambassador earns a free ambassador shirt as part of their starting goodie bag
  • Earn race entry discounts, free races or Bodies Bucks (for use on our online store) after 5, 10, 15 and more signups from your ambassador affiliate link
  • Be the first to know about upcoming bundles and Bodies news 

What it Takes

Our mission of making a healthy impact in our community has expanded to making a healthy impact in every community, and we need runners like you who are involved in your community to help us reach our goals! Your primary role as a Bodies Race Company Ambassador will be to spread the word about upcoming races and generate registrations from your affiliate registration link. As you gain sign-ups, we reward you with perks! 

  • Must have a strong community presence, either physically or online
  • Show community involvement, by listing social media follower counts and listing memberships in clubs and groups
  • Own Facebook and Instagram accounts

Family. Fun. Fitness.

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