About Us

We are on a mission to make a healthy impact in our community.  This is how it all started, this is our story.

About Bodies Race Company

It all started in the home of Brad & Jen McCleary.  A husband and wife personal training team.  Brad and Jen not only had clients in their home, they treated each client like family.  They were very blessed, and with a growing family and business they outgrew their home. In 2010 they moved their business to a 10,000 sq. ft. facility. Brad and Jen took a different approach to fitness. They took clients to races to give them something to train for rather than focusing on the scale.  People had so much fun coming together, working out and doing something good that it was suggested they host their own race. 

The rest is history.

In 2011 Brad and Jen hosted their first race, and Bodies Race Company was born.  It was so well received that the next year it grew to three races, then to six races, then to nine races.  Today Bodies Race Company produces dozens of events in multiple cities across the country!  We also help manage hundreds of events for other organizations. It’s all part of our mission to make a healthy impact in our communities! 

In 2019, after 10 successful years of growing their gym, Brad and Jen decided to sell the gym to their trainers and focus 100 percent on the race business. They moved the company and their whole team to a new location on their new country property. Brad and Jen not only wanted to show their full commitment to the race company and their franchisees, they wanted to better emulate Fun. Family. Fitness. to their team.  What better way than to bring the business back home? Of course, it’s a little different than when it was in the garage over 10 years ago. Today they have a dedicated work space built specifically for the team, places to host franchisees traveling and staying for training, and scenic views to allow the team to refresh and relax – everyday!   

Brad McCleary – President Brad is always up for an adventure. From running full marathons to competing in natural body building, from running businesses to competing with a house full of kids!  A natural born entrepreneur, Brad loves a new obstacle.  The only thing he really loves more than working and building his business is his family and his faith.

Brad is the leader of the team and company.  He’s responsible for steering the ship in the right direction.  Setting and maintaining the vision, mission, and goals of the company.    

Brad’s burning desire is to have a ranch on several 100 acres and travel the world with his wife.   

Kat Woods – Vice President

Kat is a life-long learner.  From crafting new decorations for her home to curling up with a good book.  Kat enjoys taking on a new challenge and learning new things.  Kat went to school for Business with a major in Marketing.  Kat’s impeccable organization is how she manages her busy work life in addition to her three growing boys and husband at home!

Kat is second in command.  She handles a little bit of everything overseeing marketing, finance, and operations.  She also helps support the franchisees. 

Kat’s burning desire is to retire early, debt free and get her boys out of the house as soon as possible! 

Eileen Thomas – Operations Support Advisor

Eileen is Wonder Woman. She is a mother of four, including a set of twins, and is up for anything! Eileen LOVES to run and be active.  Eileen is very active in the Kansas City run community. She is a friend to everyone she meets and doesn’t know a stranger.  If she is not putting on a Bodies Race Company event then you can be sure to find her running or volunteering at another local race!

Eileen is our Kansas City Race Director and uses her amazing personality and vast race experience to support our franchisees in the operations of their events.

Eileen’s burning desire is to support her family in being happy and healthy and to run a race in all 50 states.

Graeme Phillips – Corporate Race Director

Graeme’s passion for health / fitness comes alive on race day!  He’s the first one to the site and last to leave.  He’s the success behind much of race day.  From site selection to course design, from vendors to volunteers, he helps with all of it. 

Graeme not only handles all of our events here in KC, he’ll often visit and support franchisees all over the country.  He can do everything from planning / permiting, to setup, cordination, from timing to DJ.  He can do it all!   

Graeme’s plan is to continue to learn all that he can, continue to make as big of an impact as possible and eventually run this own Bodies Race Company location one day – we can’t think of anyone better!

Jen McCleary – Creative Director / Leader of Horse Power

Jen is the leader of our partner company Horse Power.  She lends her talent to us in the form of influencing all the creative you see, even the Bodies brand.  If the saying “artist use the right side of their brain” is true then Jen is 100% right brain!  Unorganized and a self-proclaimed procrastinator Jen funnels all her talent into our amazing designs.  A former Art Major and art teacher she loves having a creative outlet.

Jen’s first passion is her faith and family.  She is very active in the community, kid’s school and her church.   

Jen’s burning desire is to stay at home and raise her kids to be faithful, successful and happy.  

Marnie Engle – Production Manager

Marnie is part of our partner company Horse Power.  She’s works all all of our franchisee orders.   She receives and produces everything from shirts, medals, bibs, tents, flags, and so much more!  If it has a Bodies Race Company logo on it you’re most likely ordering it through Marnie.  Everyone loves working with her and it’s safe to say we couldn’t do it without her. 

Marnie is the perfect picture of Fun Family Fitness.  She started as one of our runners, then joined our gym and finally started working part-time with our company.  She’s always put her family first even as we convinced her to give us more and more of her time!    

Bailey Keller-Anderson – Graphic Design / Screen Printing 

Bailey is part of our partner company; Horse Power.  She’s still very much a part of the Bodies Race Company family and an invaluable piece because they produce all the apparel you’ll find at our Bodies Race Company events.  Great designs, fun images and quality swag and Bailey has a part in every step of the process.  If you own and wear a Bodies Race Company event shirt, mostly likely Bailey’s hands have helped create it for you!   

Bailey’s plan is to contine to grow our artistic abilities and do more on the design side with our company.  We love what Bailey brings to the team.