About Bodies Race Company

Started by husband and wife team Brad & Jen McCleary.  Brad & Jen would take personal training clients to local races to give them something to train for rather than focusing on the scale.  Brad and Jen treated clients like family.  They were all about getting people together, building community, and doing something good for others.  They were taking so many clients to these local events that one day it was suggested they host their own race.

The rest is history.

In 2011 Brad and Jen hosted their first race and Bodies Race Company was born.  The next year it grew to three races.  Then three races turned into six races.  Six races expanded to nine races and so on.  Now Bodies Race Company is looking to grow to 100s of races accross the country, maybe the world!  The stage has changed but the mission is still the same – Making a Healthy Impact in Our Communities!

Brad McCleary – President

Brad is always up for an adventure. From running full marathons to competing in natural body building, from running businesses to competing with a house full of kids!  A natural born entrepreneur, Brad loves a new obstacle.  The only thing he really loves more than working and building his business is his family and his faith.

Brad is the leader of the team and company.  He’s responsible for steering the ship in the right direction.  Setting and maintaining the vision, mission, and goals of the company.    

Brad’s burning desire is to have a ranch on several 100 acres and travel the world with his wife.   

Kat Woods – Vice President

Kat is a life-long learner.  From crafting new decorations for her home to curling up with a good book.  Kat enjoys taking on a new challenge and learning new things.  Kat went to school for Business with a major in Marketing.  Kat’s impeccable organization is how she manages her busy work life in addition to her three growing boys and husband at home!

Kat is second in command.  She handles a little bit of everything overseeing marketing, finance, and operations.  She also helps support the franchisees. 

Kat’s burning desire is to retire early, debt free and get her boys out of the house as soon as possible! 

Jen McCleary – Creative Director

Jen loves not working and doing art.  If the saying “artist use the right side of their brain” is true then Jen is 100% right brain!  Unorganized and a self-proclaimed procrastinator Jen funnels all her talent into our amazing designs.  A former Art Major and even art teacher loves having a creative outlet.  The only thing she loves more is taking care of her family and home.  Jen is very active at the kid’s school, her church, and the community.

Jen is our design master.  Everything from logos, medals, t-shirts, bibs you name it Jen designed it.   

Jen’s burning desire is to stay at home and raise her kids to be faithful, successful and happy.  

Eileen Thomas – Operations Support Advisor

Eileen is Wonder Woman. She is a mother of four, including a set of twins, and is up for anything! Eileen LOVES to run and be active.  Eileen is very active in the Kansas City run community. She is a friend to everyone she meets and doesn’t know a stranger.  If she is not putting on a Bodies Race Company event then you can be sure to find her running or volunteering at another local race!

Eileen is our Kansas City Race Director and uses her amazing personality and vast race experience to support our franchisees in the operations of their events.

Eileen’s burning desire is to support her family in being happy and healthy and to run a race in all 50 states.

Family. Fun. Fitness.
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